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Benefits of Rosewater

January 20, 2020

During these past couple of weeks, I had the honor to be coached by Semone. It has been a great honor to have someone who cares about someone else’s personal relationship with God. I am grateful for having this opportunity to have Semone to reach out to me. Our times of conversation has really helped me to think about who I am in Christ, and it allowed me to fall deeper in love with God and taught me how to have a more close and personal relationship with him. During this time period, I began to see growth in my walk with Christ, and I began to see God work in my life. I started to devote more time to praying and meditating on his word. [For] anyone who just needs a little push or if you want someone to help you to find who you are in Christ, then I recommend Semone Seavers.

LaToya Denise

I would like to thank Semone for her perpetual encouragement. In my darkest hours, I hear her voice encouraging me to go forward. When I first moved to Atlanta to get married, the person I was with was emotionally and physically abusive. Because I didn’t have a job or money I was afraid to leave. After some prayer and careful consideration, Semone insisted that I trust God and get out… She is truly a prophet of the living God. In addition to that, her wisdom about nutrition and emotional health run hand and hand. Thank you for being such a wonderful spiritual mother and a friend.

Vera Parks

Atlanta, GA