5 Reasons You Should Celebrate Each Day Like It’s Your Birthday!


Today is my birthday!  I love a good birthday, don’t you? I think birthdays are amazing. I have a strong belief that getting older can be a blissful experience. We were created to live eternally so even though our bodies will fail, in Christ our spirit will not.

This truth gives me sensational joy for my future because I know that my final destination is glorious, with Jesus, forever.

It is my delight to cheer you on today! I want to give you 5 Reasons you should celebrate each day like it’s your birthday. This is a no risk guarantee. Try it out and if it doesn’t work, you can stop at anytime.

Every birthday I feel wonderfully reflective over the past year. I am grateful to God for allowing me to experience another year. I am blessed by my loved ones who take the time to share their time, cards, gifts, kind words, love and appreciation for my life.

So Here Goes!



1. Because We Were Created for Thankfulness

I don’t know about you but on my birthday I feel extra grateful. I seriously feel tremendous gratitude to God for His goodness in my life. I tell Him how much I appreciate that He took time to make me. I could have died young or not been born. But, I see His hand in my life, protecting and shielding me. I tell Him thanks for my family and friends. I thank Him for as many blessings that I can think of. He’s forgiven me of all of my sins past, present, and future. He has created each of us for a purpose. That includes being grateful.

I also love getting to express gratitude to my family and friends! I’ve been blessed to know some incredibly thoughtful people. This is also a wonderfully, whimsical experience. I delight in saying thanks because I truly feel like I can’t express it enough.

Everyday we need to reflect and be thankful because it’s mind-blowing how much it transforms us.

2. Because We Were Made for Love & Honor

It is still staggering to me how much I get touched by a birthday card, a gift, money or just one word that someone says to bless me. I mean, I cry, I smile and I feel the “warm butterflies” in my belly. You know what I’m talking about.

There is a miracle that we’ve been entrusted with. We have immense power to love and honor one another. We all fail it but everyday we get an opportunity to start fresh. I feel it more on my birthday because it feels like a spectacular concentration of love, but what if? What if we treated people like everyday was their birthday. I mean ourselves included. What if we said more loving things and sent more sweet cards- just because? What if we gave a gift just because we love someone? What if we just called to say I love you and hope you have a great day?

Now I am not going to make the mistake of pretending that I do this perfectly. Because I don’t. But I want to! I think it would be remarkable and a slice of heaven to love & honor people like everyday it’s their birthday.

3. Because We Were Made for Blessing

Blessing oh blessing. God has created us and called us blessed in Christ. He says that in Jesus we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. WOW. That’s pretty bold of Him if you ask me. He’s given us so much and yet we all forget what we’ve been given. I met with a sweet and wise woman yesterday and one thing she shared was,


“Whenever you get discouraged, remember Who loves you.”



That truth will always be breathtaking to me. The Creator of the Universe always loves me. His Perfect Son Jesus died for me. His Holy Spirit is alive in me. He has great faith in us as His children. He has a lot of guts to bless people who are so flawed and imperfect. But He does. So if He does it, shouldn’t we practice receiving His blessing everyday and giving His blessing away to others(including ourselves)? Uh, yeah.

4. Because We Were Made for Generosity

I think there is a priceless secret of the universe that God made. The more we give, the more we receive. It’s in Scripture and it is a remarkable principle. When we give, we experience such victory and such triumph.

Our heavenly Father gives and He is blessed because of it. When we give to others, whether of our money, resources, time, talents, gifts, or whatever we are blessed. We become super-human because when we are generous we look like God. Who doesn’t love a birthday gift? What gift can you and I give to someone everyday?



5. Because Each Day We Get to Live is Special

I find the beauty of a new day jaw-dropping! Seriously, mornings are my favorite and truly magnificent. We get a new day of light, sunshine, grace, forgiveness, opportunity, family, friends, food, and relationship with our Creator. This is an occasion to celebrate, reflect, and live! Don’t miss it!

Now, I recognize that birthdays are a special day for concentrated celebration. But I truly think it would be epic if we plucked some of the principles of birthday celebrations and applied them on a regular basis.

I love my friend Sarah’s blog post Live Joyfully where she writes about this principle of celebration: Check out her Celebration Monday Blog post here!

What do you think? Do you think we should celebrate each day like it’s our birthday? Why or why not?

Today for my birthday I invite you to:

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Stay Radiant! Stay Beautiful!

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