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Do you have an idea of what God has created you to do, but feel like you’re not moving forward? Many times the journey of our purpose takes time, preparation and development. The Lord may give us a vision of what He’s called us to do, but it often takes time for the fulfillment of our purpose. However, there can often be other hindrances to people walking in their purpose. These things can be roadblocks that God Himself will not override because He has given us a free will and freedom as His children as to whether we will follow Him in faith or not. I want to share my thoughts with you in hopes that you will prayerfully discern if you are walking fully in God’s purposes for your life or being held back by any of the following things.

  1. Fear of what people will think: God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. If you are in constant fear of other people thinking about your actions this is a great roadblock to walking in God’s purposes for your life. You have to release the fear of man and obey the Lord.
  2. Guilt from the past: Do you believe you are forgiven of all your sins: past, present and future? If so, you need to begin walking with authority in the area of forgiveness. You are free so there is no need to continue walking in guilt or shame. You are loved eternally.
  3. Negative connections with other people: Who are you spending most of your time with? You need to surround yourself with people and messages that lift you up. Let go of people and things that drain your time, energy, and joy.
  4. Small view of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit: How big do you believe God is? If, you think that He is big, live like it. Nothing is impossible for Him. He is strong, mighty, and pow Let His love flow into your heart and mind.
  5. Believing lies: What are you thinking about? Are you thinking true things or lies? Let go of any and every lie. Things that are not pure, lovely, or true.

Why do you think people don’t move forward in their purpose?

Here’s some encouragement from a sweet version of “Let It Go” from Frozen.

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