Multanni Mitti or Fuller’s Earth is a clay that has many different benefits. It is also referred to as bentonite clay because of being rich in calcium bentonite.

It has healing properties and helps the skin in multiple ways. There are a host of benefits to using this ingredient in your skincare on a regular basis.

Multanni mitti translates to “the mud from Multan” which is a place in the Middle East, Pakistan.

There are so many benefits of Multanni mitti.

1. Helps with acne.

When using multanni mitti on acne it helps to bring relief to acne and pimples on the skin. It removes excess oil and heals blemishes.

2. Cleanses the skin.

Multanni mitti absorbs into the skin cleaning the pores. When using it you feel a tingling and cooling effect as it cleans the skin.

3. Treats fine lines and wrinkles

Are you worried about aging? Multanni mitti helps with wrinkles and lines due to aging. It helps to tighten and lift the skin so your appearance is more youthful.

4. Acts as an exfoliating treatment

Multanni mitti helps remove dead skin cells and exfoliates the skin revealing the smooth layers of skin.

5. Helps with hyperpigmentation and discoloration

Multanni mitti helps to reveal an even skin tone and remove blotchy skin.

6. Helps with redness

Multanni mitti will cause redness in the skin to fade.

7. Soothes eczema and other skin conditions

Multanni mitti can help with severe skin conditions like eczema bringing balance and moisture to the skin.

8. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects

Multanni mitti has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help to protect the skin.

9. All natural

Multanni mitti is natural. With so many harsh chemicals in many beauty products, it’s a perfect remedy to use knowing it won’t harm your skin.

10. Ancient beauty ingredient

Multanni mitti is not new. It’s been used for centuries in eastern cultures as a natural beauty ingredient that heals the skin.

So there you have it! 10 benefits of Multanni mitti.

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