In this episode of Radiant Purpose, Semone Seavers is interviewed by Chelsey Albert of Angel Face Lashes & Skincare in Murfreesboro, TN on her book Radiant Purpose.

Interview Questions:

1. What was your driving force behind Radiant Purpose?

2. How did you get the strength to overcome the fear of vulnerability?

3. Who did you write this book for?

4. What do you think is the importance of women supporting one another in the world?

5. Why did you create study guide exercises?

6. What transformation happens when people connect with their “Radiant Purpose”, their identity and their faith?

7. What is your approach and philosophy to life coaching?

8. What is your dream for the women of the world?

9. What do you wish for your readers to gain from this book?

10. Anything else you want to share?

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