Hi Beautiful Friend!

We wanted to share with you about a new video series called the “Daily Cup of Encouragement.”  These are different than the weekly Radiant Purpose videos that are focused on teaching topics in the areas of identity & purpose with Scriptures.

The heart behind the “Daily Cup of Encouragement” is to give you short words of encouragement that will help you be motivated and encouraged everyday.

When we are walking in the calling that God has for our lives it is not always easy. The heart behind these videos are to give short words of encouragement that will help you in your work, marriage, family and life. No matter what we do we can all use encouragement to know we’re not alone.

We welcome feedback or suggestions also to make things better for you as we want to teach, encourage and help you in to walk with confidence in your identity and purpose in Christ.

Here’s the first one that we shared:

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