Why You Need a Spa Day: Review of Angel Face Lashes & Skincare


Introduction to Skincare & Beauty Industry Benefits

You need a spa day in your life! Spas, salons, massage, skincare, and wellness centers are special places. These wonderful places are where we can receive rejuvenation, relaxation and healing. In this blog post I am sharing with you a wonderful skincare experience that I had this week with Chelsey Albert.

Chelsey is an esthetician and founder of her business Angel Face Lashes & Skincare in Murfreesboro, TN. Her office is located in Salons By JC.Spa


I’m going to share a few valuable things with you in this blogpost:

  • Why I Love Rejuvenation and Why You Should Too!
  • Why Self Care Matters and a How a Spa Day Helps
  • What Skincare Treatments I Received During My Session
  • Why You Need to Go to Chelsey and Angel Face Lashes & Skincare
  • Why Skincare as a Type of Self Care is Valuable

Why I Love Rejuvenation and Why You Should Too!

A few months ago I was exhausted, burned out, tired and discouraged. Go back in time with me: It’s a Sunday morning and I’m sitting at my home church in Lynchburg, Va and I asked for prayer. My husband and I were visiting the States after living in Haiti. I begin sobbing as I shared my heart of how deeply I was hurting. We were in the process of launching my book and I honestly felt depleted, beat down, and worn down.

After sharing this I remember the sweet prayers, words of encouragement, and prophecy from my brothers and sisters in Christ. My one friend Patricia said that I needed to rest and recognize that I needed to be refreshed. Another friend Sean prophesied that he had a vision of each person in God’s kingdom having a special key with a word. He said the word God showed him for me was-REJUVENATE.

After that service I remember feeling better. I felt like the Lord used that time to remind me the importance of rest. I tried to apply what was shared. I believe the prayers of the saints truly lifted me up. After that service Luke and I went to Panera to rest some. During that time I wrote down what I could remember from what was spoken during the service. I looked up what “Rejuvenate” meant. The first thing to appear in google is: 

“(to) make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively.”

I was so tired physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally that day. God knew that so He spoke the truth over me. One word rejuvenate. That word sparked a reminder to me that I am called to rejuvenate others, but in order to do this I must be rejuvenated myself. I love this word!  Anyone who knows me knows I love the word “radiant” also. I think a part of Radiant Purpose includes teaching women to pause and “rejuvenate”. Do what you need to to be refreshed, renewed, and revitalized. I need this! It’s so easy to get depleted and dry, but I love the idea of rejuvenation. I think of energy and a child with boundless strength to play! I think of the strength that we lose being returned to us as we allow ourselves to rejuvenate.  


Why Self Care Matters and How a Spa Experience Helps

I will share about the importance of self care often. Self care is not selfish. It can actually be incredibly holy and beneficial. To allow God to heal our bodies, minds, and souls is an act of worship. I believe that when I practice self care I am communicating to God that I love how He made me. I value myself as His creation, I also am communicating a need. I need Him and I need other things that keep me working properly.  I believe it shows a dependence on Him. Every time I exercise, rest, eat well, invest in my own physical appearance and well being, I feel renewed. I also have so much more to give to others when I do. The investment in ourselves yields great returns to those around us. When we don’t invest in ourselves we don’t serve others as well as we’d like to think. I get grumpy and resentful when I’m not well fed, well rested, and well taken care of.

So, now you get the idea of why self care matters. A spa day will help you tremendously in the area of self care. Whether you go to a massage therapist, get a facial, get your nails done or get your hair done it will help you in practicing self care. Also, it doesn’t have to be expensive or break the bank. You can find an affordable self care practice that will be an investment for you, your marriage, your family and your work. I think many women are burned out and tired from caring. Women naturally give and care for others. We were created to be helpers and givers of life, but the downside of that is when we don’t allow ourselves to be filled back up. A spa day can work wonders in refueling you so you are able to be effective in every area of your life. At the spa you can enjoy the quiet, relaxation and peace. You get to enjoy being simply you. You are not required to “do” but you get to enjoy “being”. The world is so busy, loud and demanding. At the spa there is a simplicity and an environment that promotes rest. It’s worth the time! I personally love spas for all these reasons and more. I want you to read this blog and feel encouraged to book an appointment at your local spa or wellness center!



What Treatments I Received During My Spa Session

I met Chelsey last week through a networking group called “Meet the Boro” in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We connected and she mentioned to me about a promo video she was doing and asked if I wanted to be apart of it! I enthusiastically agreed! I have been to spas before and I will never get tired of them! My Christmas present from my husband Luke was a spa visit to Parlor Inn & Spa in downtown Lynchburg, Va. I went for a pedicure there before we moved to Nashville and I will be sharing my review of my experience there in the future.

Back to this experience! Chelsey did a facial during my session. This was my first facial of this caliber so I didn’t know all what to expect. When I first walked into the Salons by JC I felt like it was a very professional environment. There was a secretary there who greeted me, then Chelsey came out front and greeted me then we walked back to her office room. Her office was super relaxing. The colors were green, white and brown. There was a diffuser in the room. It was decorated with calming colors and there was very soothing music playing.



We also were greeted by her friend Emmy who was filming for the promo video. Then Chelsey asked me a few questions about what I was wanting to focus on for my skin in our consultation. I was honest with her that I felt like my skin was dull and dry. She understood and advised that an exfoliation treatment would be best.

She gave me a towel wrap to change into similar to when you change at the doctor’s office. It was super comfy! Then I laid on the table which was super warm and relaxing. It had a blanket for me to be covered. Chelsey returned and gave me a head wrap too. Then she began to examine my face. She used something that looked like an x-ray. She said that based on my skin it did look like I was somewhat dehydrated. I definitely haven’t been drinking as much water as usual for the past month or so. She shared that a lot of sugar and salt can contribute to dry skin also. I have had a ton of sugar and salt since returning to the States, as well as, during the holidays.  She also shared that the winter air can dry out our skin. I thought it was amazing she could see all that through the X-ray.




Then she began the various treatments. There was a steamer that felt very warming blowing hot steam on my face. She used different creams that all smelled wonderful! One had enzymes that take a layer of the skin off. If I remember correctly it smelled like citrus and was so soothing. She also did a pressure treatment on my face where she pushed the skin together. Then she used moisturizers that I remember smelling like coconut. I definitely almost fell asleep at one point which she shared is the greatest compliment for people in the spa industry.

We also had some really great conversations about God, the importance of self care for women, relationships, marriage (she met Luke earlier that day and she’s getting married in May!) and more.

It was so encouraging that we agreed we needed to talk more and record it! I suggested we do a Radiant Spotlight and she agreed so you’ll get to learn more about Chelsey during another time.


Why You Need to Go to Chelsey and Angel Face Lashes & Skincare


So after all was said and done I felt amazing! My face felt lighter. It’s hard to describe but it literally felt like my face lost weight. I also felt like it was smoother and tighter. It felt like I was glowing. It was amazing. I also still could smell all the delicious products she used!



If you’re in the Nashville or Murfreesboro area I would recommend going to Chelsey for a skincare treatment. She is so knowledgable and willing to teach you as she gives the treatments. She also is incredibly kind and personable. I felt like she went the extra mile to make sure I was able to rest. If I wanted to talk she was willing to talk, but if I wanted to be quiet she was fine with that too. It was a friendly, professional, and quality experience. I felt so pampered and cared for. Even at the end of our time she gave me a cup of water and a chocolate. Gotta love those extra details!


Chelsey truly enjoys her work with Angel Face Lashes & Skincare. She had shared earlier that day in our networking group that she loves the business and is not in it simply for sales or quotas but because she loves people. She said she loves helping women feel beautiful. I can vouch that she truly does and does it well!  

Why This Type of Self Care is Valuable

So at the end of this post I hope you have learned why you need a spa day! I hope you will find your local beauty school, spa or salon and book an appointment. Do it because this year can be a year of growing, giving, caring and serving more! But, only as much as you are full to do so. You can’t give on empty. Self care and a spa day is valuable. It is valuable because you are valuable. You matter to God, your husband, family, friends, co-workers and everyone else who has the pleasure of knowing you. Do yourself and them a favor, get a little pampering every now and then, ok?


Why do you think a spa day is important? Share in the comments below!


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Stay Radiant! Stay Beautiful!


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