Today I want to share with you 3 Things – The Who, What, & Why behind Radiant Purpose.


Radiant Purpose is for women!

It’s for women in every season of life.

Old, young and middle aged.

It’s for teens, single women, married women and women with children.




It’s for grandmothers and great grandmothers too.

I talked with a friend who has read Radiant Purpose and she shared the following insights.

“Radiant Purpose is for all women from adolescence to age forever.”


Radiant Purpose is a book and a resource to help you!!!!

It’s a book about healing and transformation in Christ.

It’s also a business focused on coaching, speaking and creating products and services that help women.

The business mission is to help women heal, create wealth, and grow to reach their fullest potential in God’s kingdom.

It’s a ministry centered on prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit, the love of Jesus Christ and the adoption of Father God.

It’s a story filled with stories of overcoming insecurity, shame, and sin.


This same friend shared that Radiant Purpose is about this message:

“Healing for brokenness. It’s all women. You are not alone in your hurt. You are not alone in your healing. You are not different because everyone has hurt, yet you are unique in your purpose. It’s about living in that tension.”


Radiant Purpose exists because all women have wounds and all women have sinned.

Because we all need Jesus and to know His love, healing and grace.

Because He has a plan for all women to know Him and share His love through their gifts.


“Because all women have wounds. Growing up around sinful people produces wounds. Everyone has wounds from their parents. How do we not give wounds to our children? We all will because we are all born sinners. The remedy is to teach your kids about Jesus.”

– Wise words from a friend who read Radiant Purpose

Jesus is the answer for all women!

Because all women have a radiant purpose that God wants to use to tell His love story to the world.

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Stay Radiant! Stay Beautiful!

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