Chapter 1: Shame

“I have given Him permission to make every one of my memories captive to Christ, and now I can no longer see my abuses and sins in their own accord or in the hands of Satan. Now I see them in the healing, forgiving, nail-scarred hands of Jesus where He is cleansing them and transforming them into the stuff of mercy. Now instead of Satan using them periodically as he did in the past, God uses them every single day!  In ministry. In parenting. In friendships. Oh, beloved, let Him have it! He is so trustworthy!” ― Beth Moore

I see it in your eyes; the pain of the past. You were abused and feel so worthless. Like there is something wrong with you. After all, if there wasn’t something wrong, why would they have treated you that way? It was dark and messy, breaking your heart.

You made some mistakes along the way. To you, they seemed unforgivable. You think they altered the course of your life forever, leaving your hopes and dreams in the dust.

Well, I have news for you. You are not alone. I know exactly how you feel.

Shame. It’s that memory. The one, or maybe it’s the many, that you hope and pray no one ever finds out about because if they did, well, maybe they would reject you. If they did, maybe they would look at you differently. They might think less of you.

Or, for some, maybe it is a memory that many people already know about. It’s what caused you the deepest hurt, pain, embarrassment, and guilt.

That is how we often tend to view our past abuses, sins, and failures when we don’t see them as healed in Jesus Christ.

How To Overcome Shame

  1. Know that you ain’t the only one.
  2. Share your full story.


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