Proverbs 20:24

Proverbs 20:24- ” A man’s steps are from the Lord; how then can man understand his way?” -ESV

“Man’s steps are ordered and ordained by the Lord. How then can a man (fully) understand his way?” -AMP

“A man’s steps are ordered by ADONAI, so how can a person understand his own ways? -CJB

” The Lord is the one who directs a person’s steps. How then can anyone understand his own way?-GW

This one verse in Proverbs. It’s short and sweet, but oh so deep. It’s in the book of Proverbs which was written by the wisest man to ever live, Solomon. I said the wisest, that doesn’t mean perfect but God gave him wisdom to lead the people. Anyway, before bed the other night I read it and almost jumped out of my spot because of how encouraging it was. I got so excited and shared it with my husband, Luke. It was like the Lord was saying, “Hello Semone, eat this! It’ll help with all that you’re going through.”



Adventures in Moving & Change

You see friends, we’re moving… again. My husband Luke and I have moved so much from selling most of our things and moving to Haiti for missions then moving to different places while living in Haiti now moving back to the States and moving down South. Sometimes I love the moves and sometimes I get tired. Now, don’t get me wrong I do love new places, people and travel. It’s wonderful and I know that it’s a big part of our work, calling and ministry. But I also like hot baths, tea, peace and quiet, candles, my own space, my own home, and being able to relax. I’m definitely an extrovert-introvert mixture. I share all this because I love to encourage people to live a life of freedom and joy in the Lord. But it’s not always easy or without growing pains. I want to share with you the joys and the struggles that you’d be encouraged.

Sometimes I grow tired of feeling misunderstood by well meaning people who haven’t experienced as much change in 30 years as we have in 1. Tired of not knowing how to communicate how much it logically doesn’t always make sense but in my spirit knowing it’s how God is leading our family. Being caught in the tension of the beautiful adventure of following Jesus and wanting people to “get it” or “get us”. Sometimes it hurts. But….

Then this verse in Proverbs comes and the Lord says, “breathe!”

He reminded me that HE is my God. He is the God of my husband and Lord over our marriage and family. He decides where we live and go and around what people we spend time with and for how long. It’s the truth and it’s so real. Trusting the Lord and trusting my husband is a lot like going on a road trip.  I’m buckled in and not driving. Both my husband and the Lord encourage me to enjoy the trip. Relax and trust them to get us to the destination safely.

God is the Director of our show. And because He’s the Director I’m not always going to understand my next scene. He wrote the script a long time ago. It’s really His show and He’s the main event. We just get the privilege to be supporting roles in the beautiful drama of Jesus in our lives.

This Scripture in Proverbs clarifies how trying to understand can be a roadblock to walking by faith. He didn’t ask us to “understand” or help others “understand.”That’s not my job or yours.

If you’ve ever heard the Lord speak and obeyed Him it doesn’t always make sense. It’s rarely the best time or when you feel “ready.”He usually asks for trust and obedience versus logic and understanding. And different people are called to do different things. Some people’s struggles look different but it doesn’t mean anyone has it completely easy. All sons and daughters of God struggle at times in their walk with Jesus.

So these are the musings of a 27 yr old woman who by no means has it altogether and still struggles at times internally with the cost of following Jesus in her life. He asks something different of each us. Whatever your challenge is know He’s there. In every season I see His hand in my life and I know this season is no different.




Change & Transition Aren’t Always Easy

Change and transitions aren’t always easy but they bring beautiful growth, perseverance and depth of relationship with God and others.

I also have a lot of excitement and expectation for this new season. I’m excited to share more with you through the Radiant Purpose blog!

We had a wonderful time with family and friends during the Christmas season. Now we are living with Luke’s brother and his wife in Nashville then moving to Charleston, SC. I’m excited for God’s plans and how they are greater than ours. They are different and unique to each of us.

He says “Count it all joy when you face various trials” for a reason. I hope you’re encouraged that if you’re in a new season or change that you’re not alone.

God is directing your steps and mine. He’s with us and He loves us so much. He has a beautiful plan and the next steps are apart of it.

So hold on tight it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Stay Radiant! Stay Beautiful!


How do you navigate change and transition?


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