Today I want to share with you the importance of make-up. The heart behind Radiant Purpose is to teach women their identity and purpose. I’m passionate about teaching inner and outer beauty to women also! I want to encourage you to know your worth in Christ. I shared before that I’ll have beauty tips and reviews to help you on your journey.


These pictures are from Sephora and Mac when I visited there with my sister. I felt inspired and wanted to share these pics in the blog!






I believe make-up is purposeful for 3 main reasons.



#1 To Present Your Best Self:

There is value in presenting our best and living a life of excellence! Sometimes it takes more work to do this but it’s worth it. When you wake up everyday and look your best, there can be more motivation to do your best.




Now, I’m not making a legal rule or putting pressure on women to always be polished or never have a chill day. What I am saying is that when we put effort into ourselves it affects what we do and how others interact with us. Make-up can help to enhance looking our best and being our best.





#2 To Reflect Being Beautiful Inside and Out:

You will hear me repeat this message over and over. You can be beautiful inside and out! Did you hear that ladies? You can have the balance of beauty. It’s not healthy to only talk about inner beauty and not reflect it on the outside.



No one can see your heart or character. I’m not saying that everyone who is physically beautiful has good character. What I am saying is that you can experience both.


You can shine the light of Christ through your good works and having a beautiful appearance!



#3 To be Professional

Regardless of your job, whether you’re a mother, a career woman, single or married you need to be professional. Why? Because it matters and the people you serve want to see you at your best.



You will notice a difference in how you work and interact with others when you look your best. Be your most beautiful self. You can include make-up in that to reflect excellence.
So that’s my encouragement for wearing make-up and looking your best everyday having purpose.

Do you think make-up is purposeful? Why or why not?

Stay Radiant! Stay Beautiful!

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  1. I so agree with inner/outer beauty. It begins inside and to enhance your God-given Beauty on the outside, yes that’s where make-up come into part. Thank you for sharing, thanks for your blog and thanks for being you, Royalty!

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