Vera Testimonial“I would like to thank Semone for her perpetual encouragement. In my darkest hours, I hear her voice encouraging me to go forward. When I first moved to Atlanta to get married, the person I was with was emotionally and physically abusive. Because I didn’t have a job or money I was afraid to leave. After some prayer and careful consideration, Semone insisted that I trust God and get out. She told me that once I headed in the direction of Buckhead, that I would find somewhere to stay. Before I got to Buckhead, friends of mine who were leading me in that direction had made contact with a relative whose roommate was moving out, and I was able to go and stay there. My roommate at the time was not abusive and did not try to molest me; we worked together, shared food and friendship until I was able to move on.

Semone also sent me a video while I was on my way to this place that talked about not perpetuating the same behavior. And it gave an illustration of a mill wheel. At the entrance of the apartment complex in Buckhead was a mill wheel that no longer works even to this day. She is truly a prophet of the living God. In addition to that, her wisdom about nutrition and emotional health run hand and hand. Thank you for being such a wonderful spiritual mother and a friend.”

Vera Parks, Atlanta, GA

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